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New Relic AI

Smarter incident response for busy DevOps and SRE teams

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More context, less noise, faster resolutions with AIOps

New Relic AI helps you identify problems earlier, understand incidents better, and find root causes faster. By automatically correlating, aggregating, and prioritizing your incident data in the tools you already use, it can help eliminate alert noise and speed up resolution times.

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Get to the root cause faster

Get to the root cause faster

Reduce the time to detect, prioritize, diagnose, and resolve incidents—and start to see longer gaps between failures—with the help of automatic incident enrichment. New Relic AI automatically classifies incidents to help you focus and troubleshoot faster. 

Decrease alert noise

Decrease alert noise

With auto-correlation, aggregation, and prioritization of your incident data, you can quickly understand what’s happening and what to do about it—and you’ll get notified only when human action is required by your team.

Work in the tools you already use

Work in the tools you already use

Ingest data from any source and integrate with your favorite incident management tools and workflows—sync with PagerDuty, view full incident data and triggered alerts in Slack, and collaborate and take action directly within those tools. 

Why New Relic for AIOps?

Automatic anomaly detection

Detect problems earlier and see broader context for new incidents. New Relic AI proactively monitors for failure modes based on the SRE golden signals and notifies you in Slack with actionable details you can use to investigate further.

Noise reduction

Automatically correlate, aggregate and prioritize incident data to decrease alert noise and help you focus on what matters most.

Faster to connect, faster to value

Quickly connect to the tools you already use with New Relic AI’s intuitive experience and start seeing the benefits of automatic noise reduction and correlation out of the box, with no need to change your on-call workflow.

Continuous learning and improvement

New Relic AI learns from past experience. Based on your team’s unique environment, it will provide better noise reduction and more powerful correlations over time. You can even create logic with unlimited flexibility to help train the system.

Smarter issue response

Get notified of an issue only when a human action is required by your team, and get automated analysis of your data to help you quickly understand what happened and what you should do about it.

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New Relic AI delivers advice and analysis that make it easier than ever for you to monitor complex, ever-changing environments.

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